Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This is a message in a bottle chucked out into the seas of cyberspace. So hello there!

What will follow over the next weeks and months is my struggle to survive in, make sense of, and, where necessary, to spit at, the world of today. I don't say the Modern World, it's been that since about BC 3000, the rough date of Stonehenge, when local homeowners were probably writing to whatever the local paper was to complain about the new eyesore destroying their view and taking the light.

Forget Stonehenge. Take coffee. Whey do they fill up the carton so full you haven't got room for the milk? This morning I burnt my tongue trying to make a space for a drop of semi-skimmed, then spilt it over my shirt in shock. And it was about £2.50. They should pay me, for the laundry bill. It was rubbish coffee as well. Those Neolithic types had it easy, I can tell you.

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